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An Giang builds and renews tourism products

09 January 2023 | 07:36:00 AM

In the recent time, the interest in building and renewing tourism products, improving service quality, having an appropriate strategy to attract tourists are the solutions that the tourism industry of An Giang province focuses on implementing. This is considered the "key" to attract tourists to visit and experience, contributing to the sustainable development of the province's tourism.


Caravan tourism program in An Giang (Photo: Thanh Hung)

An Giang is a province blessed with many natural scenic spots, majestic mountains, many ethnic groups, many religions living together for a long time, creating rich and diverse national cultural values. expressed through national cultural festivals, traditional craft villages, unique cultural and architectural works. An Giang is also a locality with many cultural and historical relics and famous landscapes throughout the country, attracting a large number of tourists to visit and travel. Recognizing the importance of tourism in economic development, An Giang has set a goal of making tourism a spearhead economic sector and a locomotive to pull the province's economy to develop in the future. Over the past time, the province has invested in infrastructure, mobilized investment resources to complete the transport infrastructure connecting key tourist areas and attractions, serving the needs of tourists, attracting strategic investors. At the same time, it also aims at enhancing security and order in tourist areas and attractions; Paying attention to, training and developing human resources in the tourism industry; Strengthening the promotion, advertising, linkage development of tourism with localities in the country and internationally. In particular, the province has also diversified tourism products, developed forms of tourism associated with traditional and modern festival, cultural and sports activities, tourism associated with convalescence, etc; Mobilized investment resources to rapidly increase the number of accommodation establishments, restaurants, entertainment venues, culture, cuisine, traditional craft villages, and service facilities in the direction of civilization, modernity and professionalism.

In addition, to meet the change in tourism demand of tourists, localities and tourism businesses in the province have actively upgraded, supplemented, built and renewed tourist products to enhance new experiences or create new styles of travel. Typically, Tri Ton mountainous district is focusing on promoting its strengths, creating a highlight to attract a large number of tourists during holidays and Tet; Becoming the first place in the Mekong Delta to organize adventure sports that seemed strange to people in the West, now they become familiar, such as paragliding, kite-gliding, model airplanes, air balloons… Simultaneously, Tri Ton district also integrates paragliding performance with the re-enactment of Bay Nui bull racing festival. Above are paragliders, air balloons of all sizes and colors flying in the air. Below are the fierce sprint competitions of the racing bulls, creating a more vibrant and bustling atmosphere. On the stage, there are dances, vocals and musical instruments imbued with the culture of Khmer ethnic minority, creating a unique festival space. As a result, at Tri Ton District Air Balloon Festival in 2022, which was held in 4 public holidays on the occasion of National Day September 2, attracted about 100,000 visitors to Tri Ton district. In which, about 40,000 visitors came to Ta Pa - Soai Chek Sports and Tourism Area (where the Balloon Festival taken place) and the air balloon night at Thai Quoc Hung Square attracted over 4,000 visitors. Besides, 30,000 visitors came to O Thum Lake food area (famous for its burning chicken), about 10,000 visitors came to visit and explore Tuc Dup hill... as well as other attractions not only in the area of Tri Ton district but also in neighboring localities.

Flying in air balloons and paragliding in Tri Ton district (Photo: Ngo Chuan)

In addition, some tourism businesses are keen to grasp the current tourism trends of young people to develop new eco-tourism products, to experience and explore orchards, streams, lakes or other tourist attractions. natural scenery,... contribute to propagating and raising the awareness of environmental and natural protection for visitors. For example, My Luong eco-tourism area (Cho Moi district) has always improved the quality of tourism services and products, embellished the campus landscape, planted flowers, arranged more miniatures, and at the same time promoted links with travel agencies to welcome more tourists for fun and experiences. “In addition to My Luong eco-tourism area, we also invested in and are completing the first phase of Con En eco-tourism area (Tan My commune, Cho Moi district), which is expected to be put into operation during Lunar New Year 2023. There will be many beautiful, unique and bold landscapes such as: a combination of beaches and water entertainment areas, restaurants, souvenir shops, yachts, and huts. for tourists to stop and check-in…” – Director of My Luong Ecotourism Area Phan Van Khanh said.

In particular, An Giang province recently successfully organized An Giang tourism Caravan program for tourists who love the experience, because this form helps them feel close and authentic when exploring the road on the journey of tourism as well as culture, the characteristics of the localities while passing and stopping. Besides, the theme: "An Giang - The colors of the border region" has brought new, impressive and attractive experiences to visitors, where  the route and destinations longer than 250km, passing through the following localities: Long Xuyen - Thoai Son - Tri Ton - Tinh Bien - Chau Doc have a beautiful natural landscape, many ethnic communities living with colorful cultural features, diverse and rich cuisine.… This is also an opportunity for tourism and travel businesses to learn more experiences, create new tourism products, strengthen linkages, cooperate in tourism development, and promote tourism cooperation. contribute to promoting An Giang tourism, creating breakthrough and different sustainable tourism products on the basis of local historical and cultural values.

Hopefully, with initial results in building and renewing tourism products, and with reasonable breakthrough policies and solutions, An Giang province and tourism industry will attract more and more domestic tourists and foreigners around the world coming to An Giang, contributing to realizing the goal of developing tourism into a spearhead economic sector of the province in the coming time.

News by Dang Phuong - Translation by Thi Huynh

Source: An Giang Portal -

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