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Some photos of the Vietnam Heritage Tree Recognition Ceremony for the population of 1,324 Shan Tuyet tea trees in Ha Giang province

01 October 2022 | 07:04:00 AM

(VACNE) - In order to prepare for the ceremony of welcoming Vietnamese Heritage Tree workers with a complex of 1,300 Shan Tuyet tea trees in Ha Giang, on 28/9/2022, in Thong Nguyen commune, Hoang Su Phi district held a ceremony to worship the forest god and open the Vietnamese Heritage Tree Stone Stele.

Attending the Ceremony there were Prof. Dr. Dang Huy Huynh, Vice President of VACNE, Chairman of the Vietnam Heritage Tree Council, Mr. Trieu Son An, Vice Chairman of Hoang Su Phi District People's Committee, representatives of departments and agencies of Ha Giang province, Hoang Su Phi district, farmers with tea gardens are recognized as Vietnamese Heritage Trees.   
Please post some photos of the ceremony.

VACNE leaders discuss with local leaders before the ceremony

Delegates visit a tea garden in Thong Nguyen commune

Forest god worship ceremony prays for the longevity of tea gardens

Opening Ceremony of Vietnam Heritage Tree Stone

Newspaper reporters interview GS. Dr. Dang Huy Huynh

Quý Tuệ, VACNE

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