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There have been many units, businesses and local associations Register to welcome emulation

21 February 2023 | 11:30:00 AM

(VACNE, 21/2) - After more than a month of launching, so far, more than 20 affiliated units (Institutes, Centers, Boards, Councils and enterprises) and Environmental Protection Associations of provinces and cities have registered to emulate to celebrate 40 years of establishment of VUSTA, 35 years of establishment of VACNE and welcoming the 8th VACNE Congress (term of 2023-2028).

This is good news for the community, because as soon as the units under the Hanoi area and the Association for Protection of Nature and Environment of Dak Lak province announced registration, the emulation movement has spread with a series of units, directly notify the President of the Association to register to participate.

Specifically: After the Hanoi Regional Association Office, the Institute of Water Engineering and Environmental Technology, Sinh Phu Company, the Vietnam Environmental Incident Response Center, the Electronic Journal of Nature and Environment, The Communications Department, etc. registed, the Centers for Environment and Community Development; Environmental Technology Center (ENTEC) in HCMC; Center for Sustainable Community Development (Hanoi); Center for Geoenvironment and Territorial Organization; Environmental Cycling Club; The Association for the Protection of Marine Resources and Environment,... has applied for a competition registration

On February 19, Dr. Bui Phuc Khanh, Chairman of the Association for Conservation of Nature and Environment of Phu Tho province, would like to register to emulate to welcome the VIII Congress of the Association (by phone), but it is still the 5th local unit, after the provinces and cities Cao Bang, Dak Lak, Hai Phong, Dong Nai.

Until February 21, 2023, two more units: Hai Tien Tourism Development Investment Company (Thanh Hoa) and Environmental Fine Arts Center (Hanoi) registered to compete towards the Congress VIII of the Association with very practical and unique Welcome products.

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